New Member Course


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Welcome to the New Destiny New Member course

Welcome again to New Destiny Center Church. We are excited to have you as a part of this ministry. The following videos are design to guide you through this self study course. You will have 4 weeks to complete the course and once completed their will be a Zoom question and answer session. This session will answer any questions you may have about the course materials. In the link below please find your course booklet. Please print it and complete it as you progress with the video instruction. 

Again Welcome to New Destiny Center Church and we'll see you at graduation. 

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New Member Course INtroduction

Lesson 1- God the Father

Lesson 1- God the Son

Lesson 1- God The Holy Spirit

Lesson 2- Salvation

Lesson 3- God's Word

Coming Soon!

Lesson 4- Prayer

Coming Soon!

Lesson 5- The Church

Coming Soon!

Lesson 6- Tithes and Offering

Coming Soon!

Lesson 7- Ordinances of the Church

Coming Soon!

Lesson 8- Principles of Service

Coming Soon!

MInistries of New DEstiny Center

Coming Soon! 

This is the time you can decide how you would like to participate with the team of New Destiny Center Church. Please review the ministries list and contact your Member Liason who will direct you to the Membership Service Area to schedule your New Member Consultation with Pastor and Lady Walker. Congradulations on your success and welcome to the team.