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New Destiny Community Development Center

New Destiny Community Development Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our mission is to Support individuals and families through Education and Revitalization giving them a Voice of Empowerment. We SERVE!

Our vision is to provide the necessary tools and resources needed to help break the cycle of poverty, lack and homelessness in our community.

Our 5 areas of focus.
1. Food Security 
2. Workforce Development: includes employment training, and the skills trades)
3. Family Life Planning- Includes substance abuse, domestic abuse and grief counseling services, wealth accumulation training and planning as well as affordable housing assistance
4. Business Incubation- Assisting new and start-up entrepreneurs 
5. Welcome Home -A re-entry resource initiative for returning citizens to help reduce recidivism

Food And Baby Pantry

New Destiny CDC offers nutrition assistance to eligible, low-income individuals and families. To receive food assistance you must meet certain requirements, including resource and income limits.

New Destiny CDC's Baby Pantry offers baby supplies to financially struggling families with children ages birth to 5 years old.

For more information please contact us.    


Workforce Development Program

Nationally, there exists a growing crisis as our skilled trade workers continue to age. 

NDCDC will  seek to address these and other issues facing our skilled trade workforce and industries. Through colloborations, we will develop and implement real-world, hands-on training programs engaging community youth, young adults and returning citizens in an effort to recruit and train our future craftspeople. 

Through circumstance or choice, some individuals will not attend college after high school graduation. Careers in the skilled trades are both fulfilling and rewarding for these non-college bound individuals and gives them a viable means of supporting themselves, making for a productive citizen. 

The jobs they will perform cannot be outsourced. They will be provided relatively high wages, and can lead to small business creation and entrepreneurship.

In addition to the above listed programs, NDCDC will provide employment training  to assist those who are looking for employment in other industries not covered by skilled trades.


Family Life Planning

New Destiny Community Development Center will collaborate with local Professional Counseling services to offer assistance and counseling in the areas of substance and domestic abuse as well as grief counseling. 

NDCDC will also connect individuals to the resources they need to become more financially stable. From financial wellness classes, credit counseling, tax preparation and homeownership assistance, the goal is to help families earn more and save more.


The Business Incubator

New Destiny Community Development Center's Business incubator is designed to help individuals turn their ideas into young startups businesses that will innovate and grow. NDCDS provides networking, mentorship, education and access to resources for startups or sole entrepreneurs.

These resources allow companies and ideas to take shape while operating at a lower cost during the early stages of their business incubation. The Incubator is open to the community but will require a commitment for a specific amount of time.

Contact us for more information.


Welcome Home (re-entry program for returning citizens

Transitioning from prison back to the community offers many obstacles --finding a job, securing safe and affordable housing, lack of knowledge, conquering the stigma of being away and the consistant battle of balancing this new life. New Destiny Community Development Center wants to provide direct support to those facing these barriers. 

NDCDC will offer a wide range of support services to help make their transition as seamless as possible. Working hand and hand with the work force development program, the family life planning area as well as collaborations with other local agencies to give returning citizens the support and resources needed to be successful.  


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